About Flying Pie Me

Hey! I'm Gareth,

Founder of “Flying Pie Me”. I was born and raised in Australia and emigrated to Germany in 2012. I fell in love with Germany straight away (yes, I know no one can really understand that), I just really missed my favorite food, the delicious, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside "pies" from my homeland Australia...

So my mission was clear:

I'm going to bring Australian pies to Germany!
Said and done! Started with a food truck, we now run 3 cafés in Bonn - and that's just the beginning. More to come!

Food and cooking have always been my greatest passion.

I am a trained chef and pastry chef. Learned patisserie in Paris, cooked with Michelin star chefs in London, been a sous chef at Australia's top luxury resort and lead instructor at a multi-award winning boutique gastronomy academy in Australia. So you can trust me, food is my greatest passion and I know what tastes delicious! ;-)

Pies are super popular in Australia.

Every bakery sells them and pies are a must at an Australian Football game!

They are made from a crunchy pastry crust called "Short Crust Pastry" and filled with a hot, fresh and juicy filling. Pies are versatile: hearty with meat, vegetarian, vegan or even sweet: classic beef pie, mac 'n cheese pie, sweet hot cherry pie and and and! Our pies are all made by hand in Bonn. We only use high-quality, fresh products: no artificial additives and no preservatives, only fresh and best ingredients from the region!

Our vision

Our goal is to make pies known throughout Germany. We want to convince even more people about Australian pies, they taste really damn delicious!

For us, Flying Pie Me is not just a product, but an attitude to life - pure joy of life!
We want to help make the world a better place. Through good, natural food, positive energy and sustainable company structures. We want to be an example of what a successful, sustainable company can look like today and in the future. We do not measure our success by profits, but by our external impact.
We create a positive experience for everyone who comes into contact with Flying Pie Me. This includes not only customers, but also employees and suppliers.