Our pies are made from a flaky pastry crust called "Short Crust Pastry" and are filled with a fresh and juicy filling.
Pies are versatile: beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian, vegan or even sweet: beef-chilli-cheese, mac 'n cheese, hot cherry and and and... (our mouths are watering just writing this, yuuuum )!

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Pulled Pork PiePulled Pork Pie
Pulled Pork Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Chicken Curry PieChicken Curry Pie
Chicken Curry Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Spinach Ricotta PieSpinach Ricotta Pie
Spinach Ricotta Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Classic Beef PieClassic Beef Pie
Classic Beef Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Chili con Carne PieChili con Carne Pie
Chili con Carne Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Cinnamon BunCinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun Sale price3,99€(3,63€/100g)
Beef Chili Cheese PieBeef Chili Cheese Pie
Beef Chili Cheese Pie Sale price6,49€(2,60€/100g)
Cajun Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Almond PieCajun Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Almond Pie
Cajun Sweet Potato, Chickpeas & Almond Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Mac'n'cheese pieMac'n'cheese pie
Mac'n'cheese pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Cauliflower Cheese PieCauliflower Cheese Pie
Cauliflower Cheese Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Red Lentil Spinach PieRed Lentil Spinach Pie
Red Lentil Spinach Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Veggie Curry PieVeggie Curry Pie
Veggie Curry Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Hot Cherry PieHot Cherry Pie
Hot Cherry Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Apricot Apple Almond PieApricot Apple Almond Pie
Apricot Apple Almond Pie Sale price5,99€(2,40€/100g)
Pie Me Blend Coffee Beans – whole beansPie Me Blend Coffee Beans – whole beans
Pie Me Blend Coffee Beans – whole beans Sale price11,50€(4,60€/100g)
Homemade KetchupHomemade Ketchup
Homemade Ketchup Sale price1,79€
Mango ChutneyMango Chutney
Mango Chutney Sale price1,79€
Pesto Sale price1,79€
Lime mint yogurtLime mint yogurt
Lime mint yogurt Sale price1,79€
Chipotle yogurt
Chipotle yogurt Sale price1,79€(3,58€/100g)
Cheese DipCheese Dip
Cheese Dip Sale price1,79€(3,58€/100g)
Jalapeños Sale price1,79€(5,97€/100g)
10€ gift voucher10€ gift voucher
10€ gift voucher Sale price10,00€
Veggie BundleVeggie Bundle
Veggie Bundle Sale priceFrom 44,29€
Vegan BundleVegan Bundle
Vegan Bundle Sale priceFrom 44,29€
Pie Me's favorites!Pie Me's favorites!
Pie Me's favorites! Sale priceFrom 44,79€
Pie Me Blend Coffee Beans – groundPie Me Blend Coffee Beans – ground
Pie Me Blend Coffee Beans – ground Sale price12,00€(4,80€/100g)
25€ gift voucher25€ gift voucher
25€ gift voucher Sale price25,00€
50€ gift voucher50€ gift voucher
50€ gift voucher Sale price50,00€
100€ gift voucher100€ gift voucher
100€ gift voucher Sale price100,00€