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Australian Pies

flaky pastry

Tender, buttery goodness.

juicy fillings

Hot and satisfying, made from the best local ingredients.

incredibly delicious

Loads of varieties, an absolute flavour explosion every time!

Shipped frozen

Ready in minutes

100% Natural

Ready to bake – 100% natural – delightfully delicious

What the Tasmanian devil are Australian pies?

Hey, I'm Gareth and I'm from sunny Tasmania in Australia. I brought the Australian pies to Germany because they are simply my absolute favourite food from home. If you want to know why Australians are always in such a good mood, try a pie! They really are a bite of pure delight. Treat yourself to a piece of Australian goodness and say: Happy Food, Happy Life!

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Combine as desired

You can either enjoy our pies on their own or combine them with various sides. They go extremely well with mashed potatoes and a fresh salad - this combination is super popular in our restaurants! But hey, you're in charge, combine them however you like, or enjoy them on their own!

Enjoy now

Our pies are all made by hand in Bonn.

Pie production

We use high-quality, fresh products: no artificial preservatives, no chemicals. We source the best ingredients from our region!

Local & Clean

Our pies are prepared joyfully with lots of love!

Pie Love

And you can taste it. Enjoy!


Sustainably packaged ♻️

We are leading the way.


Cardboard box and insulation material are made from recycled material and produced sustainably.
By the way: We ship CO2-neutrally.


We ship with sustainable shipping including free returns to us! So please send us the packaging material back so that we can reuse it. A free return slip is included in the package.
Zero waste shipping!


It's up to you– we are one of the first e-commerce shops in the food sector that offer shipping in reusable packaging.

Whoa, these pies are an absolute hit!
We just had beef chilli cheese and mac and cheese for dinner and absolutely love it!
The pastry is perfect and the filling is a flavour explosion. It really tastes like someone cooked it with a lot of love.